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Monday, January 26, 2015

Why I've Embraced Being A B*tch

I'm kind of a bitch.  I mean, I already knew this.  But recently I learned that this is a very important part of who I am.  I can't help it.  I'm not a warm, fuzzy, and sweet person.  I never have been and never will be.  I know this, because I've tried.  I feel like this past year I tried to change myself in ways I thought would be more positive.

Southern Californians (at least the ones I've encountered) tend to be a little more passive-aggressive than anyone else I've met.  I wasn't used to this.  I'm used to being a blunt person, surrounded by blunt friends, who are probably more inappropriate than they should be ... but it was always fine by me.  Anyway, I think I was trying to fit in ... or at least, not stand out.  I just didn't want to be THAT person, you know.  That one bitchy person who said things that no one else was saying.

So rather than flat out disagreeing with people about certain things, I would try to do it nicely and over-explain why I "saw their point" but that "there was another way of thinking about things."  Or I just agreed.  I started being really careful about what I said and how I said it ... to the point where I almost felt it was easier to not speak to certain people at all.  But this didn't really work because it just wasn't genuine.  Plus, it was so exhausting to constantly be worrying about how other people would react.

But then this weekend, I went to hang out with some of my old friends from undergrad.  Just being there with them made me realize how nice it felt to actually be myself and say the outlandish things I've been holding in for months.  It was so freeing.  And it got me thinking ... even here in Southern California, my closest relationship is with this one friend with whom I never feel the need to sensor myself!  With her, I can be the bitchy person that God intended for me to be.

Don't get me wrong ... I can be nice.  But it's a different kind of nice.  It's a sarcastic, monotone, not-so-quietly judging you kind of nice.  But... I have real friends who love that about me ... and I love that about me because I'm happiest when I'm that way.  When I'm not trying too hard ...

I'm not sure what the point of this post is ... but I think it's something like "be yourself ... even if that self is a bitch ... because thats cool too ... and you're still cool ... and you're not responsible for anyone else's happiness or comfort.  do you, boo."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Canvases And Controversies

I've always enjoyed art and was pretty decent at drawing cartoons etc. as a child.  At some point, I gave up my dream of becoming an artist/cartoonist/computer-animator and decided to focus on something that I thought to be a little more lucrative... law!  Well ... I mean I guess it's still A LITTLE more lucrative!  Anyway, last semester while doodling in class, a friend of mine asked me if I ever painted.  I wasn't painting at the time but I decided to give it a shot.  I drove to Michaels and purchased a few canvases and some paint.  Turns out, I really enjoy painting!  It's a great way to take my mind off of law school sometimes and just what I need to relax after a long day.  

Well, now that I have a somewhat growing gallery in my little apartment, I decided to (1) start selling some of these paintings off and (2) try my luck at commissioning a few art pieces.  I set up an Instagram account for my work called CanvasesAndControversies because I'm a law student who paints ... so I deal with canvases and controversies.  Get it?  No?  Okay.  Well anyway, if you're interested, feel free to check it out.  I will leave the link to my new art Instagram below.  Let me know what you like to do in your spare time when you need a break from life.  I'd love to hear :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Black Leather Ankle Bootie

Yes, I'm aware that nearly everyone has this bootie in some form or another. I too own a pair but they aren't leather, they're those snakeskin/crocodile Material Girl ones? I don't know exactly how to describe them but the point is, they were not giving me that LOOK I was trying to achieve. You know the look ... 

Steve Madden (similar to Nyrvana)

Anyway, I knew that I would be on the hunt for these boots as soon as I got back to California. I am trying to buy less clothes etc. in 2015 so I am choosing to stick with some more classic/basic items that I can incorporate into a number of outfits. I do want to start putting up some new outfit posts since I know that it's been a while since I've done that.  Be warned, once I do, you will be seeing these booties A LOT because I love them. I don't remember the exact name of this particular boot, but they are Steve Madden, they were on sale, and that is all I needed to know at the time. Since I don't have any outfit posts to include just yet, I thought I would post some of my favorite "black bootie outfits" from around the web. I hope you enjoy :)

Also, this is completely unrelated but I am looking for new/different blogs to follow in 2015. I really want to update my Daily Reads section on the side of my blog so I need your help.  If you know of any blogs you think I might like, please leave a comment below :) I will definitely check them out when I have a chance. Thanks!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

But First, Coffee.

Disclaimer: I did not paint that horse painting on the easel right now. I just haven't found anywhere to hang it yet so that's just where I put it. I do paint though! HOLLA if you want some art :)

I mentioned sometime last year that I was thinking of setting up a little coffee bar in my apartment.  This past weekend, I actually found the perfect little cart. It's kind of old and rustic looking, which really fits the vibe of my place I.e. everything I own looks old LOL. But anyway, I was so excited to bring it home and finally get my little coffee corner!

I obviously keep the Espresso machine, syrups and mugs on the top shelf.  Anything that I need immediate access to basically goes up there. I was really happy when I went to World Market and found the big Torani bottles, especially in Caramel. For some reason, the grocery stores by my place only carry the smaller Torani bottles and the only Caramel they carry is sugar-free. I hate sugar-free anything so it's the most annoying thing. Just give me my sugar.  I also have these cute mason jar measuring cups and spoons that I received as a gift for the holidays.  They are so cute and definitely deserved a spot on the top shelf.

Beneath I just keep extra ground espresso, or flavored powders/syrups.  I also keep a few of my tumblers or mugs.  I especially love my Hudson's Bay tumbler that I purchased over the break. I made a promise to myself to embrace my Canadian/Toronto roots more as I'm in California so I'm starting by repping good ol' Hudson's Bay!

I also found this little chalkboard at Target, so I just scribbled something about coffee on it and hung it above my cart. So far, I'm pretty satisfied with it ... but I may make changes eventually. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Off To A Good Start

I know that I never made an official "goodbye 2014" or "hello 2015" post.  I was honestly just enjoying being home and being lazy.  I slept for most of my break and didn't do much of anything - it was the greatest break ever!

Now that I'm back in California, I am working on the few minor changes I planned on making this year.  Since I don't have class on Fridays, one of my good friends and I are going to use that day as our workout day.  Of course I will work out during the week as well ... but that will be our official "go hard" day.  Since yesterday was Friday, we decided to get out and do the Culver City Stairs.  The stairs are such a good leg and butt workout so I really enjoyed doing them.  Some of the steps are so steep in between that you're literally just lunging up the mountain.
Our original plan was to do four rounds, but after going up twice I was just so hungry (we hadn't eaten at all before this point) so I just needed brunch immediately.  Next time I'll be smart and actually eat first, so that we can do the full four rounds.

The view from the top of the stairs is amazing, as you can see pretty much the entire city of Los Angeles.  There is also enough room up there for you to do some more exercise if you wanted to before heading back down.

So yea, I would say that 2015 goals are off to a good start.  Hopefully we stay committed so that our bodies are super toned and amazing by the time Memorial Day Weekend rolls around.

Summer bodies are built in the winter!
(Even though it's kind of always summer out here)

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...

It's been nearly a month since my last post but I'm so glad to say that I'm home for the holidays and halfway finished with law school!  I wrote my last exam on Thursday and went out that night to celebrate a friend's birthday in Hollywood.  It was so much fun but I literally did not sleep as I had an early morning flight to catch.  So, this semester of law school pretty much ended with: all nighter, exam, club, uber, airport.  So exhausting, but I'm not at all complaining.  Also the LA skyline was looking legit, so I had to snap a shot.

When I arrived back in Toronto, I went to the Christmas Market with my sister and her friends. It was so packed since it was the last day and the line was wrapped around the Distillery. Thankfully, a kind man came and let us know that we could enter through the back -- no line! We had a lot of fun there (despite the crowd). I was also able to purchase some mulled wine there, which was really similar to the German gl├╝hwein that I made last year for Christmas. It was so delicious and perfect for walking around the market as it was a little brisk out.

I'm so glad that I had the chance to go out and enjoy a bit of my break with friends but I'll probably be spending a significant portion of it working on my article for school and laying low at home with family.  What are all of your plans for the break?  Let me know!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Same Faces Around Me ... With The Same Point of View

I first heard this song the other day when my sis wrote a post about Tori Kelly finally reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.  I already love Tori Kelly, but I instantly fell in love with this song.  There are so many quotes in it that I love ... everything is stated so much more eloquently in this song than I could ever say them:

"All I know is, I'm not meant to be silent,"

It's a typical, chase your dreams type of song. The words probably apply a lot more literally to Tori's life as she is a singer and therefore she quite literally isn't meant to be silent. That said, I just love the thought -- even if you're not quite sure about the path that you're on as long as you're sure enough to know that you're not meant to be silenced, suppressed, or held back in anyway, then you're already making progress. You're already on your way there. You can't be successful until you realize that you weren't meant to be anything short of successful.