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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Quarter Century Old. Happy Birthday Sister.

One of my sisters celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday. Since it is known as the "silver birthday" .. we did our best to make sure that her night lived up to that name. We celebrated at a great little restaurant and lounge in Toronto, The Local Company. It's located in Greektown, and it's such a cozy yet classy environment. It was everyone's first time there, but I'm sure we will all return. The staff was so accommodating and even allowed us to decorate the table exactly as we wanted it.

We had a great night with great friends. After about 9PM, the DJ showed up to transform the restaurant into a lounge and the music was amazing. I seriously need him to follow me around and DJ the soundtrack to my life! Yes, he was that good! The cupcakes for the night were also ordered from Crumbs and Co, a little cupcake shop located in Richmond Hill. They were so cute and fit the theme perfectly, not to mention how good they tasted!

The one thing that was specifically requested by the Birthday Girl was the big silver balloons. Naturally, we couldn't let her down. So one of her best friends Avery (or as we like to call her, 4th sister) picked some up on the way to the lounge. We didn't realize how massive they were, until our waiter hit a few chandeliers and other guests trying to make it to our table with them. Collateral damage! The most important thing, is that Birthday Girl had an amazing 25th and it was certainly a night to remember. 

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