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Monday, February 18, 2013

Memories of Japan

To continue with my sister's birthday celebrations, we went out to one of our favorite Toronto restaurants. Memories of Japan is a Teppanyaki restaurant with amazing food and an even better show. It really depends on the chef, but between the fire shows and the juggling of eggs, I am never disappointed. I also kind of like that you're not just sitting at a private table when you go to Teppanyaki places. You're seated beside strangers, and sometimes you can meet some pretty cool people.

Anytime I go, I always order the same thing, "Number 62". It's basically a garden salad, miso soup, cucumber rolls, salmon rolls, beef fried rice, chicken and shrimp. For dessert, they even throw in some ice cream. Of course, most people usually go for the ordinary vanilla or chocolate ... but I quite like the green tea ice cream.

If you are ever in the Toronto area, I really suggest you try them out. The staff is super friendly and it's just an overall happy experience. I absolutely love Memories of Japan. If you want to make me really happy, take me here or buy me skittles ... it will probably do the trick!

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