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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Nights

I went out to the Shops at Don Mills with my sister and a friend last night. We didn't actually do any shopping at all but we did stop to eat at Joey's. It was literally so crowded in the waiting/lounge area. We ended up having to wait at least 45 minutes to be seated. In the end, I suppose it was worth it. We were still able to have a good time, and their customer service isn't too bad. Even while we were waiting, there was a server going around handing out flatbreads and water. It's definitely worth the visit.

I ordered the California Chicken Club. but admittedly, I wasn't that hungry so I probably shouldn't have ordered something so large. They do have decent portion sizes though, so on any other day, I'm sure I would have appreciated it more. The food was good and it's reasonably priced. I also ordered the Vanilla Apple Mojito ... as unimpressive as it looks in the glass, it was the highlight of my meal. I really feel like they could put more effort into the presentation, but the drink itself was delicious. I really think I'll start venturing into that area of the city more often now ... Might as well.

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  1. Dear Jennifer,

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