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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get It In The Suitcase

One of life's many challenges, is fitting everything you need into a suitcase or a little travel bag. Some people might not have difficulty with this, but if you're anything like me, then packing can be a dangerous thing. I always feel the need to bring EVERYTHING I own with me "just in case".

I leave for NYC tomorrow and I refuse to be stupid with my packing. This time, I'm packing smart.

Now, I personally find that the key to packing smart, is to pack simple things that can be thrown together anyways. You have to be able to mix match what you're bringing so that you don't get stuck having to think of a 'set outfit' for each day.

I also had to grab a few of my 'daily essentials' ... just the few pieces of makeup I might want to use .. some brushes .. deodorant ... sunglasses my camera and IPod .. nothing special.

As far as shoes, I haven't gotten to that yet .. but my Lita's should suffice ... hopefully !

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagram Recap

1. Getting Ready | 2. Morning Inspiration | 3. Starbucks Run | 4. Don't Look Back | 5. Fitness | 6. Car Selfie | 7. Lunch | 8. Selena

I'm Late

I'm always kind of late when it comes to trying new products. I'm not really one to go running off to the drugstore anytime something new comes out, mainly because there is always something new out. About two weeks ago however, I bought my first Revlon Lip Butter. It was in the color Red Velvet and I love it.

Main Reason: I drink a lot during the day (coffee) and regular lipstick always seems to rub off on my cups .. or worse, end up on my teeth. It's cute .. but annoying. The lip butters are different. They don't really seem to rub off that much, and even after I drink a lot, it kind of stains my lips .. but in a good way. The color just stays put .. and it's not overwhelming. It's a subtle hint of color I guess.

I loved it so much that I went out and bought it in the color Gumdrop. To be honest, I tried the second color in the drugstore and I liked it .. but they didn't have mirrors, so my judgement was based on my IPhone camera. I haven't actually worn it since then so I don't know what it actually looks like on me, in real light. I guess I will see when I actually decide to wear it. Hopefully it looks as good as I THOUGHT it did in the store.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Toronto: Leslieville Pumps

Who says you can't get decent food from a gas station? This is one of my favorite spots and I almost don't want to share it with anyone ... but, I'm in a giving mood, so give I shall. Like I said, this is in fact a gas station! This place has amazing food, from poutines and pulled pork sandwiches to baked goods and cappuccinos. I love food and I love coffee, so combine them and I'll be your BFF! All the food is also prepared in the kitchen, so it's not like you're buying ready made packaged food. It's the real deal.

Hickory Chicken Thigh Sandwich and a Vanilla Cappuccino !!!

Meet the Dean Appropriate?

I mentioned before that I would put together a brainstormed outfit for a dinner I will be attending in California. It's to meet the dean and other faculty members of the school. I spoke to the dean that invited me and asked about whether or not there was a dress code, but he basically just said to "present myself well". I was told that business professional wasn't necessary .. but that business casual would suffice ...

1. Topshop Stick Man Ring | 2. Wilfred Sabine Dress | 3. Asos Gold Studs | 4. Pierre Hardy for Gap Pointy Toed Heels | 5. Asos Short Tailored 3/4 Sleeve Jacket | 6. Michael Kors Sloan Large Tote

This is what I was thinking of wearing for the dinner and I would still need another outfit for Admitted Student's Day itself. I really love the Wilfred Sabine Dress, so I tried to work the outfit around that mostly. I couldn't find the actual color of the dress I plan on wearing, but it's closer to the color of the font that I chose. I also wasn't sure whether or not I would necessarily need a blazer, but just in case it's more conservative than I'm expecting, VOILA! Shoulders covered. I do love the rose colored dress as well though and I really want to get that one too, but I digress. So the only thing I really need to go out and buy are the shoes ( I don't own those .. I just found them online) and everything else will be easy. Let me know what you guys think!

Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm getting really excited for my trip to Malibu in a few weeks. I mentioned it very briefly in a previous post, but I'll elaborate a little bit. Last week, I received a scholarship to Pepperdine Law school and they also emailed me and offered to fly me down to meet the Dean etc. They also have a few events planned that weekend.

 I've been to California before, but I was mostly in the Bay Area. I drove through Southern California on my way to school in Louisiana .. but didn't stop there long enough to actually experience it. Thus, this will be a first for me. I'm apparently attending a dinner as well as Admitted Student's Day, so I do want to get two outfits for that. I've been gradually trying to purchase more business casual/professional clothing, because I know that I can't put it off much longer. Perhaps I'll do a post of some outfit ideas for the events I'll be attending!

Close Enough ... For Now

I've been wanting a Celine bag for so long now! If you don't know what it is or what it looks like, I will post a few photos below. I've mostly seen it being carried by the Kardashians and Shay Mitchell ... but I know a lot of celebrities apparently have it. In either case, I am not a celebrity .. nor do I have a Kardashian bank account .. so Celine just did not fit into my student budget.

Worry not, one day I will have my Celine .. but until then, meet my friend Selena! I was at Aldo the other day and found what was clearly a Celine inspired purse. It was all black and so cute with these little studs on it. I wanted it as soon as I saw it and as there was only one in the store. I bought it right away!!! I named her Selena and I am happy to be her owner.

By the way, I also love these blue pointed heels ! They're quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. So pretty !

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Lovely Week

This past week has been exhausting to say the least. I've had to stand in lines for hours to get my passport redone for my sister's wedding in May. I've chased toddlers around both my house and my work place. I've been sleep deprived and beat down ... but this week was so lovely and I've definitely been blessed. My cousin from Connecticut, surprised us by showing up at our house with his family (which includes his 3 week old newborn and his two other kids and gf) and it was the most amazing surprise. They literally made my night and the kids are so adorable. I've also done quite a bit of shopping!

Some of my favorite buys are these cheap pieces of jewellery that I love! I also got this snapback cap from Aritzia. I've been wanting a simple little cap for so long and as soon as I tried this on in the store, I fell in love. It also came in black, but I just chose this one because I thought it would be perfect for the spring. I also bought a "Selena" purse which I will show in another post.

Oh ! I should mention that my week ended with a winning "roll up the rim cup" - I won a free latte. I came home to three separate scholarship offers today ... as well as a free trip to Malibu ... hotel, flights and transportation paid.

Yes, this week was a good week.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy International Women's Day

Obviously, I'm a few days late ... but better late than never. I celebrated International Women's Day with my mom and my sisters (and my 2 year old nephew, who for obvious reasons couldn't be left home alone) at Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse in Toronto. It's usually close to 50 dollars to eat there during the weekends, but they had a special for women only and it extended past the actual Women's Day.

If you're not sure what Copacabana is, it's a Brazilian rodizio place and it's basically a meat lover's heaven. So, if you're a vegetarian .. this is not the place for you. It's all you can eat, so they have this salad bar/non meaty foods ? Basically that's where they have the garilic cheesy breads, macaroni, different pastas and a variety of salads and seafood. Then when you're seated, these people come around with all different kinds of meat on skewers and they just cut it off for you and the variety is amazing. They have everything from Parmesan filet mignon, to Parmesan chicken, lamb chops, spicy chicken, garlic filet mignon and one of my personal favorites .... Filet mignon wrapped in bacon!

They also bring around this grilled pineapple on a skewer and it tastes so good. It also helps you "recharge" if you start to feel full. After you eat a slice, you can just wait a few minutes and you're ready to eat again. I don't know why or if there's a science behind it, but it works. I also can't forget to  mention the cornbread which was so delicious that I couldn't even be bothered to snap a photo of it.

So this actually ended up just being a huge food post, but I don't care. It's like that sometimes. Seriously this place is great and I had an amazing time. The price was also very reasonable, so I'm grateful to Copacabana for remembering all women this women's day! Great day, great company, great food!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Day, Another Book

The Fault in Our Stars was incredible. I finished reading it the other day and I am so glad that I picked it up. To be honest, when I saw the book in Indigo, I didn't really know how the story was going to be told exactly, or what the story actually was. I read the first two lines and for whatever reason, just the way it was written, I knew that I had to give it a chance. I love John Green's style of writing ... I mean, I figure I must as he caught my attention with less than ten words. I would try and describe the book to you all here, but I could never do it justice. Just know that I laughed, I cried (embarrassing) ... it was so sweet and so funny and so honest and so sad. It was more than just a story about two kids with cancer .. so, just go pick it up. It's definitely worth the read.

Today, I am starting the book, Life of Pi. I needed a new book to read and my sister had this one lying around. To be honest, I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be about. I know it has something to do with a trip to India and that's about it. So many people have been talking about how amazing this book is, so I just needed to see for myself. It was written by a Canadian author and he references Toronto and different landmarks in the book, so that will be interesting for me. It is also now a major motion picture and I figure, they don't just turn crappy stories into movies (or do they?).

Sometimes, the Questions Are Easy and It's the Answers That Are Complicated

In less than a month, I have to decide which law school I will attend. I have to write them back, or confirm by email or do whatever it is that they've told me to do. As of right now, I STILL do not even have it narrowed down to a state, never mind a city or a school. I do not want to make a last minute decision, but the last minutes are rapidly approaching!

Last night, I got accepted into a fifth school. It is a school in New Jersey and I have no intentions on going there. If I'm not mistaken, it is ranked right in the middle of all my acceptances. Now, this might sound crazy, but I am REALLY hoping that they do not offer me any money. Obviously scholarships are good ... but I don't need another reason to second guess all my choices. Lord knows, that if New Jersey were to offer me a ridiculous amount of money right now, they just might win themselves a tiny little Canadian aspiring lawyer. I never thought that choosing a school would be so difficult. I know for a fact that I did not stress even a tiny bit about choosing an undergraduate institution. Maybe I was just more carefree back then .. or careless.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Positive Changes

I've never really been good at the whole 'healthy eating' thing. I can't help it. I like to enjoy my meals and typically, the foods I enjoy are either full of sugar or saturated fats or both. Lately though, it seems like everyone around me has been going on some sort of a health journey. Everyone is on some crazy diet or cleanse, but I just can't bring myself to cut my favorite snacks and bad habits out of my life.

Now a while ago, I read somewhere that water is practically a miracle solution. It's great for your skin, hair, nails and just overall health. You may have already guessed, but I also suck at drinking water. While having a healthy living discussion with my dad and sister the other day, he told me that, if there's one change you can make in your diet to live a healthier life, it should be water. Drink more water.

They say that you should actually drink about 1.5 L of water a day. At first, I thought that this would be difficult, but I figured I would give it a try. Turns out, I can do this! It's only day one ... but I feel like I'm onto something. I'm not going to cut out everything I love .. I will still eat my favorite foods (in moderation) and I will still have my morning coffee. But I can substitute any juices or carbonated drinks for water .. and I can make ONE healthy life change. I will also be more consistent with my daily vitamins, which should be easy since I'll always have water around now. This is progress and hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shopping and Sushi

I spent the afternoon in the downtown area with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. It's always good catching up with old friends from elementary school. Since I'm in the US for the majority of the year, I rarely get so spend time with my friends from home, so days like these are always good times.

We went to Sakura restaurant downtown. It's an all you can eat place and it actually had everything I wanted in life. I love Miso Soup already and theirs is the best I've ever tasted. I also love any all you can eat place that I don't have to get up for. Their spicy salmon rolls were also amazing! Anyways, I'll stop rambling about how good the food was .. I just had an amazing time and can't wait to go back and introduce someone else to this place.

Afterward, we went to this bubble tea place with board games. I wish I could remember what it was called .. but I honestly don't. We played this game called Dixit (that I won't bother trying to explain) but if you're ever with a large group of people and looking for a fun game to play, definitely check it out. 

I went to Topshop and I never really look through their makeup section, but today I had some time to spare. I still didn't intend on buying any of it, until I tried their lip polish in Truffle. It looks a lot more intense than it actually is .. but I love the color. It's more tinted than anything and it just works for my skin tone. It's almost a nude color on me, but it's slightly darker, which I love. I also got this cute ring and these earrings. I loved the ring solely because of the people holding hands. That's pretty much the one thing that drew me to it. I didn't go on a huge Topshop spree, but I'm happy with what i got.

The last thing that I bought today was this book from Indigo. I've been looking for a new book to read for a while and for whatever reason, any book that someone suggested just didn't appeal to me. Most people suggested that I give Fifty Shades of Grey another try .. but I just can't. I never even made it to the sex part, I just disliked the beginning that much. This book however, was just sitting so pleasantly at the front of the store. I only read the first two lines of the first page ... but they got me with the two lines. It seems promising and it really just felt like my style of reading. I'll let you all know how it goes and if I was dead wrong about my selection. The cashier also informed me that the author and his brother make amazing YouTube videos and that I should check them out. He wrote the name of the videos on my receipt and I haven't gone to see them yet, but I definitely will. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brandy Melville Canada

I don't know where I've been or how late I am ... but apparently Brandy Melville has made their way to Canada. There is a location in downtown, Toronto and I was able to make my first trip there last night before the Raptors game.

As you can tell, I was really excited to see all the Canada shout outs on the wall. They literally covered almost everything from different universities in Canada, to Drake and Bieber. The whole thing just made my shopping experience there, that much more enjoyable. I should also point out, that one of the first things that made me want to try out Brandy Melville, is the fact that Kendall and Kylie KILL their clothes on their Instagram. Kill in a good way, of course. They have this simple and laid back style about them that is so cute and still put together. I don't like to dress simple all the time, but on my more loungy days ... it just makes sense.

I love Kendall and Kylie's style and I was so excited to finally visit the store. It kind of reminds me of Urban Outfitters a little bit .. but as far as sweaters and cover ups .. I prefer Brandy Melville. The prices were also decent. It wasn't as cheap as really popular stores like Forever 21, but it wasn't outrageous. They had a lot of cute things, but in the end, I only came out with two.

I ended up purchasing this John Galt black jean jacket, with contrast sleeves and this white tank. I figure, since I'll be making a trip to NYC at the end of this month, this top would be appropriate. I love my purchases and I definitely want to go back and get a few more things when I can. Not to mention, that I thought their shopping bags were really chic as well.

NBA Fridays

Last night, my sister and I went out to see the Raptors vs. Pacers game in downtown, Toronto. It wasn't my first Raptors game by far, but it was the first that I've been able to go to this season. Unfortunately ... the Raptors did not come out on top. I was really hoping for a win, as they've actually been pretty decent this season. Their most surprising wins for me were a win against the Lakers earlier on .. and the Knicks not too long ago. They had a good little streak going for a little while.

Win or lose, we went out and had a really great time. Enjoyed some game junk food ... and I finally got to see Rudy Gay play. It was a really fun night. Hopefully, the Raptors play better in their coming games. I obviously know that they're not winning any championships this year ... but I have really high hopes for them in the coming seasons. So, on that note, Good luck Raptors and thank you for an awesome night.