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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Lovely Week

This past week has been exhausting to say the least. I've had to stand in lines for hours to get my passport redone for my sister's wedding in May. I've chased toddlers around both my house and my work place. I've been sleep deprived and beat down ... but this week was so lovely and I've definitely been blessed. My cousin from Connecticut, surprised us by showing up at our house with his family (which includes his 3 week old newborn and his two other kids and gf) and it was the most amazing surprise. They literally made my night and the kids are so adorable. I've also done quite a bit of shopping!

Some of my favorite buys are these cheap pieces of jewellery that I love! I also got this snapback cap from Aritzia. I've been wanting a simple little cap for so long and as soon as I tried this on in the store, I fell in love. It also came in black, but I just chose this one because I thought it would be perfect for the spring. I also bought a "Selena" purse which I will show in another post.

Oh ! I should mention that my week ended with a winning "roll up the rim cup" - I won a free latte. I came home to three separate scholarship offers today ... as well as a free trip to Malibu ... hotel, flights and transportation paid.

Yes, this week was a good week.

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