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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brandy Melville Canada

I don't know where I've been or how late I am ... but apparently Brandy Melville has made their way to Canada. There is a location in downtown, Toronto and I was able to make my first trip there last night before the Raptors game.

As you can tell, I was really excited to see all the Canada shout outs on the wall. They literally covered almost everything from different universities in Canada, to Drake and Bieber. The whole thing just made my shopping experience there, that much more enjoyable. I should also point out, that one of the first things that made me want to try out Brandy Melville, is the fact that Kendall and Kylie KILL their clothes on their Instagram. Kill in a good way, of course. They have this simple and laid back style about them that is so cute and still put together. I don't like to dress simple all the time, but on my more loungy days ... it just makes sense.

I love Kendall and Kylie's style and I was so excited to finally visit the store. It kind of reminds me of Urban Outfitters a little bit .. but as far as sweaters and cover ups .. I prefer Brandy Melville. The prices were also decent. It wasn't as cheap as really popular stores like Forever 21, but it wasn't outrageous. They had a lot of cute things, but in the end, I only came out with two.

I ended up purchasing this John Galt black jean jacket, with contrast sleeves and this white tank. I figure, since I'll be making a trip to NYC at the end of this month, this top would be appropriate. I love my purchases and I definitely want to go back and get a few more things when I can. Not to mention, that I thought their shopping bags were really chic as well.


  1. i'm in new york right now and i'm going to brandy melville because i have never been and i think i'm going to get the new york city girl top! its like a new take on the i heart new york shirts!

    1. you definitely should .. i can't wait to 'premiere' my top there when I go lol !


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