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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet the Dean Appropriate?

I mentioned before that I would put together a brainstormed outfit for a dinner I will be attending in California. It's to meet the dean and other faculty members of the school. I spoke to the dean that invited me and asked about whether or not there was a dress code, but he basically just said to "present myself well". I was told that business professional wasn't necessary .. but that business casual would suffice ...

1. Topshop Stick Man Ring | 2. Wilfred Sabine Dress | 3. Asos Gold Studs | 4. Pierre Hardy for Gap Pointy Toed Heels | 5. Asos Short Tailored 3/4 Sleeve Jacket | 6. Michael Kors Sloan Large Tote

This is what I was thinking of wearing for the dinner and I would still need another outfit for Admitted Student's Day itself. I really love the Wilfred Sabine Dress, so I tried to work the outfit around that mostly. I couldn't find the actual color of the dress I plan on wearing, but it's closer to the color of the font that I chose. I also wasn't sure whether or not I would necessarily need a blazer, but just in case it's more conservative than I'm expecting, VOILA! Shoulders covered. I do love the rose colored dress as well though and I really want to get that one too, but I digress. So the only thing I really need to go out and buy are the shoes ( I don't own those .. I just found them online) and everything else will be easy. Let me know what you guys think!


  1. I love the outfit you put together for your meeting! This is my first time finding your blog, but I know I will be keeping up with your posts. Best of luck with your trip.


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