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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Carol's Daughter

I love Carol's Daughter products. I realized a while ago that when it comes to hair, you can't really expect a product to work well, just because it did for someone else. You have to experiment and look around, until you find the brand that works for you. For me, this is it. Anything that I've tried from them just works. The shampoo and mask listed below, promise 98% less breakage after one use. Now, I have no way of measuring the percent of breakage as it just sounds way too complex. What I can say, is that my hair is always stronger and healthier when I'm using their products and there really is significantly less breakage.

My favorite line from Carol's Daughter is the MONOI line. It is designed to repair damaged hair and minimize breakage. My only issue with it, is that it is a bit on the pricey side when it comes to hair care. For instance, the hair mask retails at $29USD and the shampoo at $18USD. Not to mention, that there is an actual conditioner and hair serum that I also want to try. It can all get very expensive if you're not careful. I prefer to buy their products in the US because it is more readily available and a lot cheaper. The Sephora's in Canada don't even carry it for some odd reason. Anyways, I look forward to trying more products from them soon. I may include a review in a later post, on the products that I've already tried from them.

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