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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Minute Wedding Shower Plans

It's only 11PM, but I am exhausted and ready to get to bed. After being at work for most of the day, I ran some errands and came home to start doing some last minute wedding shower tasks. My sister is getting married next month in Mexico and tomorrow is the shower. Of course, my other sister and I would wait last minute to finalize all the important details.

I won't tell you "exactly" what the theme is, for fear that my sister will read this .. thus ruining the surprise. But you can tell that we're going for a very homey/homemade vibe. A lot of our decor is Pinterest inspired (thank God for Pinterest).

I'm just working on the 'gift bags' right now. I can post them because my sister is nosey and insisted on walking into the room as I worked on them. I really think they'll suit the look that we're going for and hope that everything goes well tomorrow. Planning can be so stressful. I have so much respect for anyone that does this stuff as a career.


  1. such creative ideas for gift bags!
    thats awesome how she is getting married in Mexico! congrats to her :-)

    1. Thank you, it actually turned out really nice. She loved it :)


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