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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Manhattan: SOHO Stroll

While in New York, we spent some time in SOHO. I got a bit of shopping done there and I also went to DASH for the first time. If I'm being quite honest, I wasn't impressed with DASH at all. The selection was very limited, over priced and the only article of clothing that I actually liked, didn't come in my size. In terms of sweets however, SOHO had a lot to offer. Between Dean and Deluca and random food trucks throughout the area, I was in sweet tooth heaven!

These Waffles from the Craffles food truck in SOHO were delicious. Like seriously, I would go back right now just for the waffles.

 Cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop in SOHO. Cookie dough, Cookies n Creme and Cotton Candy. Sooo  good.


  1. I literally want to eat all those sweets right now! Those cupcakes look delicious! :)
    Hope you had a good time! :)


  2. I used to go to New York City quite often.

    I used to leave broke quite often;)

    1. HAHA aww that happened to me too so I definitely know how you feel !

  3. All this food looks delicious! I'm craving waffles now :) And I really like the jacket you're wearing!

    1. It was delicious ! I love sweets. Also, thanks so much .. it's one of my favorite jackets :)


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