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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Wedding Itself ...

The whole reason we were there and most definitely the most exciting day of our trip ... WEDDING DAY ! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was beautiful and I could not be happier for my sister. She definitely deserves all the happiness she found and all in all, it was perfect ! I was actually hired as the "makeup artist" for that day ... and it was a first for me. I'm used to only doing my own makeup and although I'm pretty good at it, I was nervous to be in charge of everyone's beauty on that occasion. Needless to say, everyone looked wonderful and pictures came out perfect THANK GOD.

The ceremony was done completely in Spanish so I didn't catch everything that was being said. It's funny because there were so many moments when I thought for sure the priest was announcing them husband and wife .. but he would just carry on for another 20 minutes afterward. Finally though, the moment everyone was waiting for ...

We left the church and headed for the reception. There weren't really any "theme colors" for this wedding. It was just a beautiful, colorful, happy garden. When it all came together, it was so enchanting and pretty. It made for the most perfect photo ops, both outside and inside.

When we made our entrance, I was finally able to get my first official photo with the newly wed couple! After a million years of begging and pleading with God, I FINALLY have an older brother and he's pretty awesome.

Everybody knows that the most exciting part about weddings, is the reception! That is when the true celebration happens. We literally danced the night away. The food and decor was amazing, there was so much tequila  ... and just an all around good time!

In conclusion, I love weddings. Someone get married and invite me so that I can do all of this all over again :)


  1. Lovely pictures, looks like it was great fun!


  2. Oh my word! Such a beautiful wedding. I love so many things, that Im went and that your cousin was in the wedding/walked you down the aisle :) Who was the maid of honour?

    1. Vanessa was the maid of honor and yes .. the Velasco family made an extra special guest appearance :) Baby Silas is too cute. It was a great day.

  3. looks like it was a wonderful time!
    love the bridesmaids dresses :-)

    - Janine

    1. it was so much fun ..and yea i'm normally not a fan of red, but these seemed to work !


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