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Friday, May 24, 2013

Window Shopping + Actual Shopping

So my day started off a little bit rough. I woke up early for work, but mostly, I woke up in anticipation of purchasing OVO Fest tickets. If you're unfamiliar with OVO Fest, it's an annual music festival in Toronto featuring Drake and whoever he feels like bringing with him. It's usually pretty legit. I know that Frank Ocean will be there this year, but most of the acts are still unnamed. Anyway, tickets went on sale at 10AM and I was on the computer at 9AM just to be ready. Still didn't get any tickets! They literally sold out in like seconds. I was so irritated. Instead I had to deal with ridiculous offers from ticket scalpers trying to sell me seats at triple the price. I WAS NOT BOUT THAT LIFE! Thankfully, a friend of a friend came through for me and we were able to purchase tickets off of her for the regular price. After work, I took a stroll down Queen West and to the Eaton Centre to do a little browsing. I saw a Marc Jacobs purse that I really loved .. but in the end, I settled for a new book to read and just a pullover from Brandy Melville. It looks light brown in the photo, but it's actually more of a dusty rose/leaning towards brown. It's cute.


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