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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bloor Street and Street Meat

I went to get my eyebrows done today in Yorkville. I went to this place called Mync Beauty. It was my first time getting my eyebrows done there, but I absolutely love the place. The set up is really cute. It's just very chic and girly inside ... they also give you the full treatment. They measure your brows for you .. determine your natural arch, give you a treatment before they get started etc. The staff was so friendly and they seemed to really know what they were talking about. They also specialize in eyelash extensions (which I didn't get today) but who knows, maybe one day I will. I really wish I could have taken a photo of the decor to show you, but I didn't want to totally freak them out, since it was my first visit. Not to mention, my eyebrows were free since my birthday is a few days away. It was the perfect experience. After that, I just wandered around a little bit and did some shopping. I was basically acting like a tourist in my own city ... snapping photos of every little thing. Aritizia was having a sale .. it wasn't amazing, but I ended up getting a pair of trousers I really love. I also got some cute "corporate" dress pants from Zara. I've been trying to switch up my style a little bit and wear more business appropriate attire. The pants are definitely more on the business side, but they're also a teal green color with this cute gold detailing, which is a little more "me". Since I will be starting law school soon, I'm definitely trying to find a balance between "dressing the part" and not losing myself in the process. It's harder than it seems.


  1. great post )
    love the pics!
    best wishes!

    Angela Donava


  2. Wow your photos are gorgeous! Well done Jennifer (and have a wonderful weekend xo)


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