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Monday, June 3, 2013

New York City: A Weekend Adventure

 Dress: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Chinese Laundry

I went to New York this past weekend for my aunt's graduation. She just received her bachelors and she graduated Cum Laude, so I was especially proud of her! It was an extremely short and last minute trip as I literally didn't take off work until the day before. In either case, I love New York and any excuse to go. Because I wasn't necessarily there to gallivant, I couldn't roam the streets as I normally do. I did however get to walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn a bit. I got to eat the delicious street gyros and italian ice (since it was 90 degreees this past weeekend). There was also a little flea market that we passed through. AND I had the most amazing cuban sandwich and papaya milkshake in Brooklyn. As you can see, at one point .. these shoes became too much for me and they came right off. Thankfully, through my years of seeking wisdom, I've learned to never leave the house in super high heels, unless you have emergency flats in your purse. They sure did come in handy. I also found my dream neighborhood this past weekend ... but I will save that for another post. Hope everyone is doing well !

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