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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat Wave

It has been ridiculously hot in Toronto these past couple of days. The beach has been packed and I'm honestly just happy that I've had three days off of work in a row to somewhat enjoy the weather. There is an extreme heat advisory, so laying out in the sun all day may not be the best choice ... but, I won't ever complain about the heat, cause I'm a summer baby; I choose sun over snow, any day! I also quite enjoy summer shopping! Lately, I've been making conscious decisions to only purchase clothes that are work appropriate or 'law school student appropriate'. It's hard sometimes to dress for the work place (especially in warm weather) but at least I'm making an effort. On a day when I'm not being so lazy, perhaps I'll show you all some of my recent buys. Til then, let me know what you all have been up to. How have you been handling the heat wave? (if you're lucky enough to be experiencing one right now).


  1. The Summer weather has been great so far! And I completely agree that it's hard to find work appropriate clothes for hot days!



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