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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instant Pics and Rap Legends

So yesterday was Canada Day and although it was freezing out, I still had such a great time with my family. We went out to a Canada Day carnival that is held every year and eagerly awaited the amazing fireworks show. I wish I could have taken photos during the show, because they were amazing! Sadly, my camera died shortly before hand, but you have all seen fireworks I'm sure, so you can imagine it. There were also a variety of rides for the children and different performers. Definitely a lot going on, to keep everyone entertained. When I returned home, I decided to finish my next two pages in my Wreck This Journal. Basically, the only instruction for this page was to color the entire thing. Most people just scribble over the page or doodle a little, I'm sure .. but I just happened to be in the middle of listening to Changes by Tupac when I was getting started. So naturally, I was feeling a little bitTupac inspired and decided to go in a different direction. I never really draw men at all because I've always found their faces so much more challenging than women for whatever reason. So with that being said, I was actually quite pleased with how he turned out. 


  1. Happy Canada Day! I love your drawing, you're quite the artist - I usually stick to drawing stick figures ;)

    1. hah thank you ! i'm no where near as good as some people .. but i enjoy trying. happy belated Canada Day to you as well !


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