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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4th Annual OVOfest : TORONTO

(These photos are mostly from a friend of mine's camera. As much as I like to document every aspect of my life, there are some moments that I'd rather just live and experience)
Last night was hands down the highlight of my summer. I attended Drake's annual OVOfest in Toronto and it was the absolute greatest concert that I've ever been to. If you follow me on twitter, then you may already know that being able to attend OVO was more than a struggle for me. When tickets initially went on sale over a month ago, they sold out in seconds and I was forced to purchase tickets from a friend of a friend. Then the day of the concert, I find out that Ticketmaster was out to ruin my life, when I realized that they'd accidentally refunded and resold my ticket .. it was just a mess. I was left with a void ticket, hours before the show and I was highly upset. Thank God for the scalpers outside that saved my OVO experience. They really came through for me.

The lineup was incredible. If you somehow didn't already know, Drake is from Toronto so whenever he comes home, it's a party. Everyone was in such good spirits and the crowd was so live. Seeing him perform at home, in the city just made me (and everyone else in the venue) that much more proud to be from Toronto. You could seriously feel the energy and I can't compare it to anything else. I'm not even sure if other cities would understand ... because most big cities have so many popular artists, but Toronto really only has Drake. I don't even know if I would want to see him perform anywhere else, because I know the vibe will never be the same. There was so much Toronto love in the air last night, it was unreal. He surprised us with the craziest line up of people:

The Weeknd, Wale, Big Sean, Miguel, J Cole, P Diddy, Mase, French Montana, ASAP Rocky, Kanye, Lil Wayne 

I seriously didn't even know that Mase could still be brought out in 2013 .. but there he was. Greatest night ever. Can't wait for next years OVO.


  1. i'm so jealous! If i was in toronto, I would have totally been there. i love kanye, and drake, and basically all of the line up!
    glad you had a great time and things worked out with your ticket!

    - Janine

    1. it was an amazing time !! you should definitely try and go next year .. such an experience

  2. That lineup does sound pretty amazing! Glad you got a chance to see them perform despite of what happened.

    1. It was. The line up was so worth the initial struggle.


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