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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Lately

School is starting to pick up and get a little more difficult and time consuming. I knew this was coming though, so it's nothing out of the blue. I've also been meeting a lot of really fun and entertaining people. I'm just trying to keep a good balance of not being completely consumed by studies, but DEFINITELY not slacking off as well. I've been doing pretty good with my readings lately, mostly because I've had no internet at my house, no cell reception and no television ... so when I'm home, I pretty much have nothing to do but read and then stare at a wall .... and then sleep. Thankfully though, AT&T has been working on fixing my reception and I bought a television that arrived today. My internet should also finally be installed today. I will no longer be living like a prisoner in Malibu.

As for the photos
1. Found a really great pizza spot in Point Dume. I went there and randomly ran into a girl that's also in my section so we ended up having lunch there.
2. Kaplan sent me this package to basically congratulate me on getting into law school. I studied with them for the LSAT so I thought this was really cool of them. You all know I love my Starbucks, so the gift card and coffee tumbler were my favorite part. In addition to this, they also sent  me a bag, some mints and I received another text book from them that is basically supposed to help guide me along my 1L year and hopefully make it easier.
3. These guys are my new best friends. Not really though, I don't love them ... but I probably spend the most time with my books. This is what my life now consists of.

Hope everyone is having a nice first few days/weeks back at school or what not.


  1. i'm craving some pizza now... looks too delish.

    - Janine

    1. well if you're in richmond hill, gino's pizza is pretty good !!!

  2. Same thing here - things are picking up in school as well as work, but like you mentioned, at least it didn't come as a shock. And with a view like you have, I'm sure your imprisonment wasn't too bad. LOL!

    *love those owls, btw! (:

    1. yes, the key is to expect the worst !! i love them too .. i'm hoping they will make me wiser lol :)


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