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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Post Work Week Wisdom

"Law school doesn't stop because of life and life doesn't stop because of law school"

I know that it's still only the third week, but this is just one of the great quotes I've heard at my school so far and it really helps to put things into perspective. One of the things I love most about the faculty here, is that they make it a point to remind you to enjoy your life and to remember what's really important. One of our professors just plainly told us that there are two things that you shouldn't let law school interfere with: your relationship with family and friends + your faith. Those are the things that helped bring you to this point in your life in the first place and to abandon them now, you would be doing yourself a great disservice. 

This week we had 'Beach Day' at my school. When all the classes wrapped around noon on Friday, I went out with my 3L mentor for lunch and then headed to Zuma for a nice relaxing day with all the other law students. It's important to let your mind take a break every once in a while. This advice doesn't only apply to law schools. There are going to be so many situations that we might go through that require a lot of sacrifice and effort (rightfully so) .... this isn't a bad thing. We need to learn to sacrifice and we need to learn that sometimes it's okay to work too hard ... but we can't forget about the things that really matter. I consider my education to be a valuable investment, but it isn't my only priority. So, my priorities are going to have to somehow coexist. 

Regardless of what you're working towards, never allow it to consume you.


  1. Love the quote.. and you are right. As with most things, balance is EVERYTHING.

    1. Thank you, I wish I could take credit for the quote ... But it's just something I heard and immediately connected with :)

  2. I'm definitely guilty of being so invested in some things that I tend to either lose focus or lose awareness about what's happening around me and with the people in my life. And sometimes I'm so deep in that I forget to pay a little extra attention to myself. I can say that I am soooo much better than I was although I still have some ways to go. I'm better with time management so I'm not AS stressed, but there still are a few moments. The other day I was so consumed with a project at work that I forgot to take a lunch. By the time I had taken a lunch, I no longer had an appetite and I LOVE to eat. But as I've said, I'm getting better and I'm proud of the improvements I've made thus far!

    1. It's good that you're at least aware of it and trying to do better. I'm pretty sure everyone that is driven is guilty of this at some point or another. It's hard to have goals and remember to also live your life !!! But girl, don't ever neglect food lol !!! Eating is one of the great joys in life !!


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