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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letting Go of Undergraduate Habits: Drink Like a Responsible Adult

Disclaimer: This photo is actually from Tripadvisor. I didn't take it myself but I thought I'd use it since Duke's in Malibu is where my fellow law school friends and I usually go for drinks after class :)

No, I am not saying don't drink at all. Let's face it though, we've all had those nights. For the majority of us, going off to college was our first taste of real freedom. We answered to no one (except here and there when our parents called to make sure we were still alive) and we finally got to do things our own way. It was our chance to experience things and have fun ... to be the life of the party. For the most part, it wasn't completely frowned upon to get completely wasted and show up to class the next day (or not) barely able to function. It was our rite of passage ... and we took full advantage.

When you graduate though, things do get a little bit more serious. You can shake off your undergraduate reputation. You were fresh out of high school- everyone gets that. The reputation you create for yourself post-graduation though is different. It will stick with you. When you're in graduate school, the people around you are your future colleagues. This is your professional network. So be aware of how you portray yourself. When you're out interviewing for jobs one day or need a recommendation, you don't want your name to be associated with some super entertaining drunkard stumbling out of the club after a two hour table dance. It's memorable, but it's not what you want people to think of when they see your name. Instead, maybe you can just be that student that had a drink or two, still had a good time and engaged in some pretty good conversation. You can still be funny and entertaining while maintaining your blood alcohol level. Just remember to stay in control of yourself and let go of the bad habits. You're an adult now. Don't be that guy. 

OH YEAH .. I'm also not endorsing underage drinking. Just sayin'


  1. This post is perfect. It really is. I've had a few nights, but all of that ended pretty early for me. Now when I drink, it's generally to take the edge off after a long day or when I'm socializing with friends. I realized how small this world really is and I see some of my friends still fail to realize that. It's important that we value our reputation because it's so difficult to build, but so easy to destroy.

    1. You're exactly right. I mean we're all entitled to our nights .. but like you said, reputations are easy to destroy. Now is the time when we're trying to establish ourselves professionally, so there's not much room for such avoidable errors :)

  2. I totally know what you mean. Im officially feeling like I have adult drinking habits post college (and I'm 27) which feels healthy but also make me feel old. But realistically we cannot keep drinking like we did in undergrad!!

    Thanks for stopping by Pursuit!!

    Pursuit of Shoes

    1. Yea, responsibility can be a bummer ... but our livers will thank us later lol :)

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  4. Completely agree with this post! Oh and I've been to the Duke's in Waikiki - it has a pretty view, too :) I'm a recent law graduate about to start my career so it's neat reading about another's law school experience. Good luck xo

    1. Dukes has an awesome view ! I love it there.. And congrats on graduating.. I can't wait to be in your shoes :) do you have a blog as well ? I wouldn't mind staying connected and hearing about your experiences. Good luck !!


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