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Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Wishlist

Since the holidays are quickly approaching (not too quickly since I still have exams though) I thought I would put together my little holiday wishlist. These aren't necessarily items that I'll be asking anyone for as I'm not actually handing out a wishlist to family and friends, but they're just a few things that I'd love to have. 

1. Nespresso Machine/Starubucks Gift Card: I love coffee and spend way too much money on it. Basically, either of these things would just be a life saver for me. Having worked in a coffee shop for quite some time, I know how to make all of my favorite drinks- I just need an espresso machine to help me out (and some Starbucks money for my lazy days).

2. Black Loafers: One can never have too many pairs of loafers. They are office friendly, super comfortable and a quick way to finish off an outfit. These ones here are from H&M, so they're also pretty affordable.

3. Black Watch: I have a gold watch from Michael Kors that I love and normally wear when I want to polish off an outfit, but sometimes I just feel like everything would come together more if I had a black watch. Some outfits just call for black and this would be a lovely addition.

4. Zara Office Bag: I love big bags. I carry a lot of things with me and small purses generally just will not suffice. I love Zara's office bags because they're very structured and they have this sophisticated appeal to them. They make the perfect work bags. 


  1. LOL you and your coffee!

  2. This is a lovely wishlist - so simple but full of great pieces. I love the chain detail on those loafers!

    1. thank you. as i've gotten older i think i've gotten a little more simple. but simple can still be chic :)

  3. love this wishlist.
    i actually have the zara city bag but didn't realize it came in that beautiful burgundy color.
    had i known...

  4. I'm loving them black loafers they have some very similar in newlook, i also like that zara bag!x

    Jess xxx


    1. i've actually never heard of newlook, i'll have to check it out

  5. am so loving this list and also wishing for them.


    1. you should do a wishlist on your blog as well, i'd love to check it out :)

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