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Monday, January 6, 2014

Back In Action

I'm back in California and I've just completed my first day of second semester.  It's kind of funny being back at school - mainly because we still haven't received our first semester grades, so we're all just sitting around doing the same ol' thing, not knowing if it even worked the first time around.  Here's to hoping that it did! We get our grades back at the end of this week and it's sure to be a very anxious moment for me.  Although I felt relatively okay at the end of all my exams, you never really know since everything is relative to how the rest of the class performed.  I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that God came through for me.  I'm also applying to another internship this week that I'm really hoping to land (even though it's a long shot), so I'm hoping that my grades are decent enough to give me a fighting chance at it. 

Other than that, it's beautiful here in Cali! Seriously, I left Toronto's brick cold -30 degree weather and I'm now soaking up the sunshine here.  The climate change is crazy ... but I am not complaining.  This is beautiful and you can't help but be in a good mood while driving up the coast.  Hope everyone is having a lovely start to 2014!


  1. the view from your home is gorgeous!
    enjoy the weather - it's -40 in toronto today.

  2. Good luck with your internship that you are applying for! And happy 2014! :)
    xo TJ


  3. Good luck with the internship hun, im sure you'll get it! Great blog post hun! Happy new year x x

    Jess xxx


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