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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Music Post: All Grown Up

It's been a while since I've made a music post.  I found this song about a month ago but I never got around to showing you guys.  I'm sure you all remember little Jamie Lynn Spears.  I used to love watching Zoey 101 when I was younger and dreamed of going to PCA!  It was a cute little Nickelodeon show that got cancelled when she became pregnant at 16.  It was quite the scandal at the time and then Jamie Lynn Spears really just disappeared.  To be honest, I respect her for it.  I couldn't imagine having to deal with a teen pregnancy, especially when you're in the public eye.  I always found it commendable that she was able to just step back and make the right decisions for herself and her little family.  

Anyway, recently she came out with a new song after years of flying under the radar.  It's a cute little country song and she's all grown up now.  The song kind of has a Carrie Underwood feel to it (as does her look).  It's called How Could I Want More and I've had it on repeat.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I am right now. 


  1. Yes. I remember when she disappeared a while back. It's crazy because even though she got pregnant at 16 she also stepped up to the plate to care for her much older sister Britney.

    xo, N

    1. Exactly. I totally respect her for all the adult decisions that she had to make.

  2. awww, look at our little zoey.
    all grown up.
    i'm still dying to know what happened to her and chase though...

  3. Dawh, I always wondered where she completely disappeared to! Adorable song :) Thanks for sharing

    xoxo, H


  4. I used to watch Zoe101 too lol! She sounds great, I can't believe how grown up she is! xxx


    1. She really has come into her own ! glad i'm not the only one that watched that show

  5. How fun! I didn't know that she was getting back into singing. And I totally remember her Zoey 101 show. She was just too cute, and Victoria Justice was on there. Too funny :)
    xo TJ



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