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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Final Night Up North :)

For my final night back home, I went out with one of my sisters and some friends from highschool. We went out to eat in Unionville and it was so great to just chill and catch up with them. The majority of my friends from highschool are scattered across North America, so it's always a good time when we can actually get together and enjoy eachother's company. Although it was FREEZING cold that night (I'm talkin' -30 degrees celsius) we still managed to spend a little time outdoors- joking and taking photos. My toes were so frozen by the end of it, but it was definitely worth it. I love being home and this vacation was so much fun and definitely needed. Now it's back to Cali life and back to the law school grind. Oh yea, I also get my first semester grades back this week- cross your fingers for me! 
( Oh and this is us attempting to do the Drizzy Drake! You know what I'm talkin' bout!)


  1. lmaoooooo, i love how you inserted drake into that last photo.
    we'll miss you up here, bud.
    ps. the temperature is about to drop.

    1. miss you too ! and you know i couldn't leave Drizzy out of the photo. that's my man lol :)

  2. Canada looks so festive! I'm glad you had a good time at home.
    PS. my fingers are crossed!

    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

    1. I had a great time :) and thanks so much, I really appreciate it !

  3. I am cracking up at you guys doing the drake pose! My friends and I have done the same thing. LOL!

    Glad you got a chance to chill, literally. LOL!


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