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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Baby Chief!

Meet my baby Chief!  Okay, so he isn't actually my horse but I met him the other day and fell in love.  I also fell in love with the cowboy that worked at the ranch, but that's another story.  Anyway, I went to Sunset Ranch in Hollywood with my sister and Avery.  It's a really neat place because it's literally smack dab in Hollywood, but you're able to ride horses in the hills and even get a pretty neat view of the Hollywood sign.  I had a lot of fun (despite the fact that these horses love to ride literally right on the edge of cliffs).  My horse was so pretty and CALM, which I loved.  I really wanted to take him home with me and I'm sure he would have loved Malibu!  Alas, I wasn't allowed to.  Seriously though, I would recommend visiting here if you're looking to see the Hollywood Hills.  The staff here is super friendly and it's just a really unique way of doing all the typical touristy things.  I will most definitely be paying them another visit.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Anaheim, California

"It's still magic, even if you know how it's done."

My appellate brief (some huge law school assignment, that is worth 70% of one of my classes) comes out this week, so before things get really crazy, it was nice to have a weekend to chill and enjoy life. Since I have been blessed with two lovely visitors this week, we decided to head to Anaheim to visit Disneyland.  I have been to Disney World in Florida but I have always wanted to visit the park out here.  I must say, Sunday was such a magical day!  We had an amazing time "being young again" and seeing all the young families and their little kids running around.  It was so precious just seeing how happy they all were.  There's a reason they call Disneyland "the happiest place on earth;" every one was in such great spirits. 

We actually rode a carousel for the first time as well!  I don't know what I've been doing these past twenty three years, but I'd never been on one of these things.  After shoving a few of the kiddos out of the way (just kidding, I would never) I managed to snatch myself a horse.  It was quite relaxing and a much needed change of pace from the hustle and bustle of law school.
The parade was so much fun as well.  My last visit to Disney World was before Princess and the Frog came out, so Tiana was not apart of the parade.  I was so excited to see her this time around, I could only imagine how excited I would have been if I was actually five and seeing her for the first time.  Not to mention, it was extra special because I was able to visit the New Orleans portion of the park!  It took me right back to being in undergrad in Louisiana.  I had the most delicious mickey-shaped beignets- soooo soooo good!  All in all, it was a really amazing day and I had such an awesome time hanging out with Vanessa and our friend, Avery.  Although this week we'll be action packed for me, I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Giving Keys

So my sister, Vanessa, is visiting me right now in California.  While walking around the pier, we stopped at Kitson in Santa Monica Place and found these really cute necklaces.  I really love the concept behind them and immediately had to purchase one.  They are called "The Giving Keys" and the proceeds go towards helping individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness.  Each key has a different trait engraved onto it i.e. strength, hope, fight, love etc.  Basically, you keep the key until you come across someone who needs it more than you do.  After you give it away, you can go on the blog for The Giving Keys and tell your story (why you gave it away).  I purchased the 'strength' key and she purchased the 'courage' key.  I haven't worn it yet, but I am really excited to.  Hopefully I do not need to give it away any time soon :) 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

“Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you're gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” 

I read this quote and all the while acknowledging just how true it is, it made me think of a video I had seen on Facebook.  Sir Nicholas Winton is a British humanitarian who organized the rescue of nearly 700 children from Nazi Death Camps before WWII.  In this video, he is caught off guard when he finds himself surrounded by the "children" he rescued so many years prior.  It really is the most touching and beautiful video.

Although we still have miles and miles to go, universally we have come such a long way.  Being a minority myself, it is especially mind boggling to me that anyone could look at a person, a child at that, and decide that they are somehow less than human.  It is insane; so I am especially moved when I hear stories about the few that stood up for injustice.  Nicholas Winston is one of the brave few and quite frankly, he spat in the face of adversity.  The greatest part about it is, nothing that he did was in vain and he got to see that.  He was able to see all the lives he touched and how much his good deed has changed so many people.  I have faith that those individuals will go on to be a positive force in this world and fight for the good.  His light is still shining on through all these people and even when he is gone, it will keep shining.  That is certainly something to be celebrated.   

Supplement That *ISH

Today is such a beautiful day that I could not help but snap a photo on my drive down the canyon.  The past few days have been so gloomy here; it even rained the other day!  I will not complain though, because parts of the country have been experiencing such terrible weather and the little bit of rain we received was much needed.  California declared an emergency drought (last week I believe) and then just like that, it rained.  

Anyway, this post is actually another law school related post!  This isn't new news by any means, but you've never heard it from me.  So here it goes ... SUPPLEMENTS are a gift from the heavens.  Although I had supplements last semester also, I really did not put them to use until I was studying for finals.  Needless to say, they helped me pull through.  I would especially recommend the Kaplan supplement to anyone starting their first year of law school.  If you are anything like me, then you like your notes brief and in simple, non technical language.  Kaplan does just that.  It really breaks the information down for you in simple terms.  This semester, I have Con Law and Property.  The language in both of these courses can be very overwhelming, but after reading my cases, I go through the supplement and it really helps to simplify everything.  Of course you will still have to know what those big terms mean when you are taking your final; but with a better understanding, it will be easier for you to spot the issues and write a decent analysis.  This semester, I am starting early with the supplements and I have all the faith that it will be even better than the last.