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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break ... Except, Not Quite !

Hello all!  I realize that I have been MIA for a little while.  These past couple of weeks have been so hectic.  My appellate brief assignment (huge writing assignment worth 70% of my grade) has taken up so much of my time and apart from sleeping/being in class, I've spent 90% of my time in the library.  Thankfully, I've submitted my online copy and the hard copy will be submitted tomorrow.  Then I can officially begin my spring break ! YAY !

The good thing about spring break is that (1) I don't have class, (2) I already live in a vacation spot so I don't have to leave, and (3) the weather right now is amazingggg!  The bad thing about spring break is that I will still be spending the majority of my time outlining for my classes and studying etc.  So it really isn't much of a break at all.  I am convinced that they only give you breaks in law school as a trap.  These breaks are just preliminary methods of sorting the top of the class from the bottom.

Anyway, I do plan on taking some time to myself to just relax.  I'll probably try and go to the beach at some point or at least go out one night with some friends.  Really though, I'm just looking forward to the summer so that I can officially not worry about classes.  Oh, speaking of summer, I've officially secured one summer law clerk position. I received an offer a couple of weeks ago and I also have one more interview with the District Attorney's office coming up.  I'm pretty excited.  This also means that I've officially completed my goal for the month of March that I set up at the beginning of the year in my manifesto post.  I've actually been doing pretty good with my goals so far.  I've also already started on April's goal of working out and getting fit.  I just came from the gym and the weather is gorgeous, so how can I not work out?  Things have been going great lately and I am just very happy about life.  Hopefully I'll have more interesting  updates soon (and time to actually update).  I also hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying life.  I'd love to hear what you all have been up to!


  1. I really hope you get the job at the DA's office. So cool it will be just like Law and Order LOL!

    1. Thank you Brianna ! I hope I do too ! only time will tell :)

  2. ahhh yes, the power of the manifesto.
    your life really is just one giant vacation...minus the law school part!


    1. Haha yes, law school does tend to get in the way of what should be a "never ending vacation"


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