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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't Quit

"It's so worth the fall when you land where you want to."

Hello all!  Lately I've really been feeling this song by Tori Kelly.  I love her as an artist and for some reason this song in particular just speaks to me and I'm sure so many people can relate.  Regardless of what our aspirations are in life, we'll never achieve them if we stop trying. This song is a nice reminder to keep pushing on, even when things get tough.  I hope everyone is having a great week (it's almost Friday, YAY!) Also, I had a pretty big exam this morning for my legal writing class and although it was a pain, I am officially done with that class for the year and one step closer to completing my first year of law school.  That is certainly something to celebrate, which I am doing right now with a big glass of wine.  Let me know if you've been up to anything interesting :)


  1. Your music posts are always my favorite !!! LOVE THIS ONE

  2. one of my top 3 tori songs for sure.
    at her concert, she mentioned how she wrote this song when she was in a dark place and still sings it to herself when she gets discouraged.
    made me love it even more.


  3. I love Tori K.! Vocals, lyrics, that way she plays the guitar...ugh...adore. Love the song and so perfectly fitting!


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