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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Belated Canada Day ('Merica)

Yes, I am well aware that the two are completely different countries.  I was not in Canada for July 1 and so I could not celebrate Canada Day, but I also could not justify celebrating the Fourth of July without paying Canada its respects as well!  So Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians and of course, Happy Fourth of July to my American friends :)

Moving on, I didn't have any concrete plans for the Fourth.  I woke up early to drop one of my friends off at LAX and I wasn't sure how the rest of my day would go.  Thankfully, a friend of mine invited me to spend the afternoon with him and his friends on their yacht.  It was an absolutely perfect afternoon with good food, great company, and margaritas!  I wish that I'd taken more photos in the moment, but literally the photo above is the only one I took (when we were initially walking into the marina).  We had so much fun just conversing with new people and playing dominos.  The yacht stayed docked the whole time, but the owners took us around on their dinghy boat.  I'm new to boating so I didn't realize that when you're on the marina, you literally don't need to get back into your car for anything.  Whenever we had to make a store run etc. we were able to just take the dinghy and hop out since everything was built right around the water.

It was honestly just amazing to spend the afternoon with successful people of color and made me want to work that much harder.  It really is an incredible and inspiring sight.  So one day when I'm a big successful lawyer, you'll all be invited to come celebrate Belated Canada Day on my yacht. 


  1. Such a pretty picture . glad you enjoyed your holiday xo

  2. So happy your day turned out so wonderfully (and YAY for successful POC's!!!!) xo

  3. We shall be on that yatch togethurr! Sounds like an amazing experience , fun games and people . It's definitely won't be a bad idea . And that view is spectacular , I'm going son a road trip soon, and I'm excited to capture incredible views :))


    1. Yes we shall ! it was so amazing and i hope you have a lot of fun on your road trip :)


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