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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Great Resource For Women In Law

As with any other career path, building a network and creating meaningful relationships can have an incredible impact on your legal career.  If you are like me and did not grow up with any lawyers or judges in the family (or as close family friends) then beginning to form these relationships can be very difficult.  One thing that I've been trying to do more of lately is attend networking events held by different firms and organizations.  I've also found that there are so many websites/blogs/twitters dedicated to helping law students like myself navigate this crazy legal community.  This site, Ms. JD, is specifically tailored to women in law.  It provides a lot of insight and touches on many concerns that women in the legal field experience on a daily basis.  There are tips for interviewing, creating a resume, and even getting into law school in the first place.  What I love about this site is that it's also extremely interactive.  It's very quick and easy to create a login and join the Ms. JD blogging community as well.  It even allows you to link your personal profile to your LinkedIn profile (which is another important internet tool for all young lawyers-in-the-making).  Below, I've included some of my favorite links from Ms.JD.  Please feel free to share any other great sites for law students and young professionals!


  1. Thx for this I'm really considering applying to law schools soon so this will be a lot of help :)

  2. this seems like a great resource.
    wish they had something like this for public health...

    1. i'm sure they do. i only found this recently but you should definitely search

  3. Thank you for sharing this resource! I am currently working towards applying to law schools and it has been both helpful and insightful. :)

    1. I'm so glad you found it useful ! Good luck with the application process and let me know if i can ever help with anything :)

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