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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Organizing My Way Through 2L

Second-year of law school (2L) is so much busier than first-year and I am the absolute worst when it comes to staying organized.  I forget things and I haven't always been the best at time management.  This year I realized that with everything I have going on (sub-checks, journal article deadlines, doctrinal classes, call-backs), I cannot afford to be so unorganized.  One thing that is really helping me stay on top of my tasks is my agenda.  

Like many others, I didn't believe that keeping an actual agenda would make much of a difference.  Between my laptop, smartphone and IPad, I figured that I had more than enough room to write down my tasks and make reminders.  Now I know that there simply is no replacement for an actual written agenda!

Days seem to go by a lot more smoothly when they are planned in advance.  I use the monthly calendar to organize my deadlines and solid dates.  So if I have a paper or an outline due, it's clear to me when I look on the calendar that my time is running out.  

My weekly calendar is what I use to plan out which day I am going to work on a particular assignment.  I also use this part to keep track of my law school reading assignments since those are a lot more frequent.

This little system is working for me so far.  I just make sure to incorporate my agenda into my daily morning routine so that I am never in for a surprise.  I arrive at the law school library early every morning, so that's the time I usually take out to relax, sip my coffee, and go through my agenda.

This isn't a mind blowing discovery by any means but like I said, I'm sure there are others out there like me who doubted just how big of a difference a written agenda makes in terms of organization.

My personal agenda is a Kate Spade one that I picked up at Barnes & Noble.  Like any other bookstore, Barnes & Noble has a huge selection of agendas or calendars and they're reasonably priced.  Also, many of the 2015 agendas actually start from August or September of 2014 so you can pick one up now and use it all the way through the end of next year :)


  1. Love that organizer. I've been looking for one like it I have to go to Barnes and noble

    1. Definitely go check them out ! So many to choose from :)

  2. Love your room decor!


  3. My life would be in shambles without my planner. I literally can't function without it. Goodluck with midterms!



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