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Sunday, October 26, 2014

"The Shake Back Plan"

No, I haven't been sulking this entire time.  I've actually just been pretty busy being a student.  I am also starting to work on my article for the journal that I'm on for law school.  Surprisingly, writing my journal article is what I've been most excited about lately.  I really love my topic (it has to do with sexual consent laws) and I'm putting a lot of effort into it because I'm hoping to get published.  Other than that, I've had one graded midterm thus far (in my Evidence class) and with only one day of studying, I managed to pull off an A.  It's only worth 20 percent of my grade but it made me feel nice to know that despite all other things, at least my grades are still consistent.

Anyway, as far as 2L summer jobs go, I'm still searching!  Most people in my class are, so I guess I shouldn't be so dramatic about not having one at this point.  I didn't get my so-called "dream job" but it made me think of this post that I wrote a while back.  Sometimes not getting what you want just means that there are better things in store.  I really hope so.

The positive?  I think that interviewing this summer and meeting with all these big firms really helped me realize what I want to do with my legal career.  I'm not saying that I'll be able to do this right away upon graduation, but at least I know now that I really do want to go into employment & labor law.  Specifically, I'd love to work in the healthcare field-- defending doctors and hospitals etc.  Hopefully wherever my path takes me, I end up where I want to be at some point.

A couple of my professors have really been helping me out with letters of recommendation etc. so I'm extremely grateful to have such amazing mentors in my life :)

** Also, I thought I would mention that I started watching Grey's Anatomy a few days ago.  I love Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, so I figured, why not right?  Love it!  I'm only on season 2 but seriously ... such a good show!  Why didn't I start watching sooner? **


  1. So proud of you for your amazing attitude, you could not be more right! Kudos to you, keep your head up there is something much more suited for you out there xo

  2. Such a great attitude to have ! Just know that God has great things in store for you

  3. I'm gonna try to share from your positive attitude and get through everything. P.S. Yes to working in the healthcare field!!! I'm here for it and I hope it all works out.

    Also, greys ?? Whaaaaaa ??? You have to catch up. I love that show and 10 seasons later, I'm still a faithful fan.

    xo, Jully @ www.juelsengels.com

    1. Greys is my new show !! Love it ...and yes to healthcare :)


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