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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coping 101: Nursing the injury back to health

The end of the semester is quickly approaching so I've been trying to crack down on my studies and gather all my notes together etc. before final exams creep up on me.  I've been doing most of my studying at Barnes and Noble lately which makes for a great change of scenery!  I normally have lunch there and then get to work.  For instance, today I had a lovely tartine from Le Pain Quotidien!  Soooo delicious.

Anyway, despite the fact that things haven't been completely going my way lately, I thought I would share some knowledge that I obtained today.  Someone told me an analogy that I thought was really helpful (especially if you're a student-athlete, former-athlete etc).

He told me that sometimes the emotional pains we experience in life are a lot like being injured.  It hurts a lot when it first occurs and it continues to be there and throb for a while.  As much as you wish the injury wasn't there, it is and you can't ignore that injury.  You have to acknowledge it (bandage it up, stitch it up) so that you can start the healing process.  Part of the healing process is giving the fresh injury a moment to just be.  You have to let it do its thing for a while but eventually, you have to know when to move on with life and play through the pain.  People heal at different speeds, so you have to recognize when you're ready.

Playing through the pain is what helps to rehabilitate that injury.  This is what helps you regain your strength.  But even while you're playing, you need to take precautions.  It's a balance.  You can't take the crazy risks that you're used to taking, because you're still healing ... but at the same time ... you can't get back out there and play like your crippled.  Otherwise, you'll just get hurt again.

Either way, step 1 is just acknowledging that the injury is there and not trying to just wish it away.  Acknowledging it won't make it hurt anymore than it already does ... it's actually the first step to feeling better.


  1. I'm not an athlete but I have injured myself enough in everyday life to know that all of this is true. Great post

    1. Lol to be fair .. I don't play soccer competitively anymore but i still find myself getting injured way too much doing mundane tasks as well :)

  2. I absolutely love your post.. I can relate to most of them and as such they have really been inspiring and helpful. I know it seems crazy but they mean a lot especially knowing someone else mayb be going through the same things and seeing how they get through it.
    Thanks :)
    Britt from Jamaica

    1. Britt, thanks so much for your comment and thanks for reading! I'm glad to know that these posts were able to speak to you and help with whatever you are going through. I hope you visit my blog again and that things get better :)


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