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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Same Faces Around Me ... With The Same Point of View

I first heard this song the other day when my sis wrote a post about Tori Kelly finally reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.  I already love Tori Kelly, but I instantly fell in love with this song.  There are so many quotes in it that I love ... everything is stated so much more eloquently in this song than I could ever say them:

"All I know is, I'm not meant to be silent,"

It's a typical, chase your dreams type of song. The words probably apply a lot more literally to Tori's life as she is a singer and therefore she quite literally isn't meant to be silent. That said, I just love the thought -- even if you're not quite sure about the path that you're on as long as you're sure enough to know that you're not meant to be silenced, suppressed, or held back in anyway, then you're already making progress. You're already on your way there. You can't be successful until you realize that you weren't meant to be anything short of successful.


  1. I love Tori Kelly! When I first heard this song, I could relate so closely and the message is phenomenal. She's one of those artist that I can only hope remains humble and down to earth and keeps creating from the heart the way she does, the way she is designed to. // ♥ Chymere A.

    1. She really is special in that way. So glad other people enjoy her as much as I do :)

  2. oooh, i never thought about the lyrics in this manner.
    love this interpretation.
    love tori.


    1. lol well this is my interpretation anyway. i can't speak for what tori really meant :)

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