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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Heart Wants What It Wants

It's hard not to be jealous when you see someone else around the person that you care about. Even if it is nothing, it's impossible to believe that they don't see the amazing things in that person that you see in that person.

I thought of this because I was on my Facebook/Twitter account earlier today and so many people were talking about the new Selena Gomez song (written about Justin Bieber).  There were a lot of comments and questions about how anyone could be so infatuated with a douche like Justin.

I personally don't think it's that difficult of a concept to grasp. When you care about someone, you see the good things.  It doesn't matter whether or not your friends or any other third-party agrees because it's easy to dissect a relationship from the outside, when your feelings aren't the ones involved. When you're in it though, you're invested and no one else's opinion is going to outweigh the way that you feel.

This is why I tend to shy away from convincing my friends (or anyone) to get out of certain relationships. I don't think that telling them how beautiful they are, how they can do better, how there is someone else out there who is perfect, is the solution. I believe everyone has been a stupid relationship at some point or has invested all of their energy into a person who couldn't care less (if you haven't, you will). But even when you're in a stupid relationship, and you know that you're beautiful or that you deserve more ... it doesn't change the fact that you want what you want. You can't talk a person out of their feelings. You just have to let them feel it and hope that those feelings will sort themselves out in due time.

My point is, I don't judge Selena for being a hot ass mess over douche bag Justin. I get it.

Here's the song for anyone who wants to listen ...


  1. I agree. Listening to people tll you all the reasons you shouldn't love someone doesn't help. it won't make you love any less !

  2. I think that after reading what you wrote has made me appreciate the song alot more and i do actually quite like the song but if i'd have listen to the song before reading this post i don't think i'd have liked it!x

    Jess x
    New post up at // www.momentsofbeautywars.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Glad you appreciated the read. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Mannnn Jenn, you are seriously the bees-knees. Girl, this is the story of my life right now. The hardest part is trying to explain to others the good you see in the person. It's hard and there are days I wish everyone understood and see what I see but that's not the case. It's hard...really hard.

    1. I'm a firm believer that a relationship only needs to be understood by the people actually in it :)
      It will never make sense from the outside.

      Thanks for the comment !


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