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Monday, December 22, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...

It's been nearly a month since my last post but I'm so glad to say that I'm home for the holidays and halfway finished with law school!  I wrote my last exam on Thursday and went out that night to celebrate a friend's birthday in Hollywood.  It was so much fun but I literally did not sleep as I had an early morning flight to catch.  So, this semester of law school pretty much ended with: all nighter, exam, club, uber, airport.  So exhausting, but I'm not at all complaining.  Also the LA skyline was looking legit, so I had to snap a shot.

When I arrived back in Toronto, I went to the Christmas Market with my sister and her friends. It was so packed since it was the last day and the line was wrapped around the Distillery. Thankfully, a kind man came and let us know that we could enter through the back -- no line! We had a lot of fun there (despite the crowd). I was also able to purchase some mulled wine there, which was really similar to the German gl├╝hwein that I made last year for Christmas. It was so delicious and perfect for walking around the market as it was a little brisk out.

I'm so glad that I had the chance to go out and enjoy a bit of my break with friends but I'll probably be spending a significant portion of it working on my article for school and laying low at home with family.  What are all of your plans for the break?  Let me know!