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Sunday, January 11, 2015

But First, Coffee.

Disclaimer: I did not paint that horse painting on the easel right now. I just haven't found anywhere to hang it yet so that's just where I put it. I do paint though! HOLLA if you want some art :)

I mentioned sometime last year that I was thinking of setting up a little coffee bar in my apartment.  This past weekend, I actually found the perfect little cart. It's kind of old and rustic looking, which really fits the vibe of my place I.e. everything I own looks old LOL. But anyway, I was so excited to bring it home and finally get my little coffee corner!

I obviously keep the Espresso machine, syrups and mugs on the top shelf.  Anything that I need immediate access to basically goes up there. I was really happy when I went to World Market and found the big Torani bottles, especially in Caramel. For some reason, the grocery stores by my place only carry the smaller Torani bottles and the only Caramel they carry is sugar-free. I hate sugar-free anything so it's the most annoying thing. Just give me my sugar.  I also have these cute mason jar measuring cups and spoons that I received as a gift for the holidays.  They are so cute and definitely deserved a spot on the top shelf.

Beneath I just keep extra ground espresso, or flavored powders/syrups.  I also keep a few of my tumblers or mugs.  I especially love my Hudson's Bay tumbler that I purchased over the break. I made a promise to myself to embrace my Canadian/Toronto roots more as I'm in California so I'm starting by repping good ol' Hudson's Bay!

I also found this little chalkboard at Target, so I just scribbled something about coffee on it and hung it above my cart. So far, I'm pretty satisfied with it ... but I may make changes eventually. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


  1. Soo cute, it turned out great. I love the measuring cups

    1. Thanks so much ! I'm really happy with the way it turned out :)

  2. I have that little white tea cup!!!! I have 3 of them actually with different designs. I want a coffee space but I can't seem to get all the things that goes with it. Maybe one day soon! x

    1. You should get a little space! Putting it together actually isn't as hard as it seems. And YAY for Ikea coffee cups lol :)


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