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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Black Leather Ankle Bootie

Yes, I'm aware that nearly everyone has this bootie in some form or another. I too own a pair but they aren't leather, they're those snakeskin/crocodile Material Girl ones? I don't know exactly how to describe them but the point is, they were not giving me that LOOK I was trying to achieve. You know the look ... 

Steve Madden (similar to Nyrvana)

Anyway, I knew that I would be on the hunt for these boots as soon as I got back to California. I am trying to buy less clothes etc. in 2015 so I am choosing to stick with some more classic/basic items that I can incorporate into a number of outfits. I do want to start putting up some new outfit posts since I know that it's been a while since I've done that.  Be warned, once I do, you will be seeing these booties A LOT because I love them. I don't remember the exact name of this particular boot, but they are Steve Madden, they were on sale, and that is all I needed to know at the time. Since I don't have any outfit posts to include just yet, I thought I would post some of my favorite "black bootie outfits" from around the web. I hope you enjoy :)

Also, this is completely unrelated but I am looking for new/different blogs to follow in 2015. I really want to update my Daily Reads section on the side of my blog so I need your help.  If you know of any blogs you think I might like, please leave a comment below :) I will definitely check them out when I have a chance. Thanks!


  1. Please do more outfit posts ! I used to love those

    1. I will try ! It's hard as I don't have a "photographer" to take the photos for me ... but I will definitely try !

  2. Yayyyy!! I'm excited for outfit posts. Also, I love my black booties. I have like 5 pairs, 4 of which are black and not that much different but I love them. Also in regard to daily reads, I say follow this hashtag on twitter/instagram, "blackgirlswhoblog". Also, on my blog, I have a few blogs I love under the blog love session. You should check them out. I have to update that list but I think you might find some you would like.

    jully// www.juelsengels.com

    1. definitely about to check out your favorite blogs as well as that hashtag riiiiiight ... now !
      thanks so much :)

  3. i'm assuming you, once again, didn't pick me up a pair...

    yours annoyed,

    1. you mean you didn't receive a pair in the mail ? hmm, that seems odd lol

  4. I love black booties! I definitely need to buy a pair, I'm not sure now soon because shopping in Paris is so expensive, haha!

    As for daily reads, check out my list of Bloggers to Take into 2015 !

    1. Thanks so much for the blog suggestions! I am definitely going to check them out right now. Also, I can only imagine how expensive shopping is in Paris ... it was crazy the last time I was there and that was years ago. Hopefully you're able to find a decently priced pair :) Thanks for the comment !

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